This page is a work in progress... If you do have a question, why not send an email on our contact page?

How much is shipping?
Shipping is a $10 flat rate Australia wide. Do you qualify for free shipping?

How do I get free shipping?
Products over $100 AUD qualify for free shipping. Combined orders over $100 AUD also qualify for free shipping with the following conditions:

  • All products on the same order need to be in stock
  • Pre orders and in stock items must be on separate orders
  • If combining separate pre order items, products will be sent once all products are in stock and available
    • We recommend placing pre orders with separate ETA dates as separate orders for prompt shipping

Is your stock genuine?
We deal with reputable distributors and wholesalers and will only sell genuine anime figures and statues. Transformers / bot type products will include original, 3rd party and 4th party stock. These will be marked accordingly by brand and/or manufacturer name.

When will I receive my products? When do you ship?
Orders will be sent for delivery as soon as we receive them from our suppliers. Orders will be sent on either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Shipping confirmation and tracking will be sent via email.

How come you don't do as many review videos?
I'd like to do more videos and reviews on a regular basis... but life man... I work part time (full time until recently), running and learning how to run an online store and I've got games to play, movies and anime to watch... it just gets too much at times... but it doesn't mean I have stopped, it just means it's not as frequent.

Figma or SH Figuarts?
Personally, I prefer Figma, but why not have both?

You don't have much stock, can you get this and that?
Most likely! If there is product you are looking for but can't find on Kathleen's Klutter, why not send a request via email? We can then ask our suppliers and do our best to get the product in for you.

When will this [insert product name] stock come in? Product is past the ETA date? Product pre order listings will have the ETA in the description. In the event that a product is delayed, it will be communicated in the announcements page with the product description updated.

Those anime figures and statues are showing a lot or bewbs and kinda risque?
Not a question but you are correct! Yes they are and they are awesome!